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++ Two Smoking Roses ++ ++ Two Smoking Roses ++

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a nice composition. Very original and it presents a complex vibe.

-better guitar sample, or preferably real classical guitar would add that rich timbre that always sounds nice
-Percussion could use some subtle delay and/or reverb
-It's a bit repetitive and lacks variation or a more complex/captivating melody
-if you added a final little part you could cut down on the repetition and make it loop better.
-String sample is a bit abrasive and the string part could use greater depth of dynamics

A Town Abandoned by God A Town Abandoned by God

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a very nice tune. not only that but its quite original and expresses a complex statement which is not as easy to do as the more simple vibes. There is allot going in this piece and you balance it well to make it into a piece that is greater than the sum of its parts.

My only criticism is that the sound FX that come in at 21 seem to clash with other frequencies. I wonder if they could have been mixed better.

Anyways very original and nice. Goodjob

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[Peaceful Village] [Peaceful Village]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This truly IS very calming to listen to. My only advice is that I think you have some mixing issues. The oboe sounds too quiet, which is especially problematic because the oboe plays your lead melody and that means it should stand out more. It is a beautiful melody and there is no need to hide it.

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magnificat12 responds:

I agree. Back when I wrote this, I was using free soundfonts. The oboe font in particular had the problem of being terribly quiet, and I didn't know how to bring it out. Thank you for the wonderful comment. :)

Town Theme Loop Town Theme Loop

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice

I really dig this tune. You have the whole medieval polyphony thing down.

I did find that the volume balance was too far off though. I understand you meant the beginning part to be quiet, but if I turn it up loud enough to actually hear it the clarinet part is too loud, so I think you should turn the one up or the other down.

Other than it's very nice. You should be proud of writing such powerful melodies. I'm curious what influences you had in making this piece. Have you studied medieval music?

btw, I wrote a town theme inspired by snes era RPGs and I'd be interested what you think.

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sarias responds:

why thank you. I havn't ever come back to this since i uploaded it and since then ive learned a lot about audio editing such as levels this is just plain and simple midi music from finale. I might have to try it out and see how it sounds on the new version of finale i just got and using my music software.

as far as inspiration i wrote it for somone on the portal but they ended up never using it cause they found somone to write all the themes very quickly but i looked at the game he wanted it for and it looked just like a mixture of zelda and pokemon and the rest is my own. im glad you liked it

as far as medieval music i have no instruction in it just hours of playing video games growing up and listening to nobou uematsu and Koji Kondo

Tiesto Killed The Techno Star Tiesto Killed The Techno Star

Rated 5 / 5 stars


+Very original
+Excellent drums, double kicking is very cool.
+Intense melodies
+Bursting with energy

-Bass sound could have been better (though In some ways very suitable)
-At times hard to make out what's happening in the mid registers
-Despite the excellent intensity, it could have had more rising action: the pulse somewhat remains the same throughout and I find myself craving an epic climax

Overall I consider this an excellent piece; near world class originality and quality.

P.S. comparing this piece to Tiesto/trance is like comparing apples and oranges, and this definitely can't be considered to be from the roots of techno, which, imo, wasn't ever the greatest music to being with. Anyways, great song but you definitely can't dance to it...or at least I couldn't.

SolusLunes responds:

Oh, I know you can't dance to it, this song was more for the comparison of being rough and obviously hardware-synth without much in the way of anything but basic effects, while many trance songs are much smoother on the ears.

But I appreciate the feedback! :D

Magitek Factory FFVI Magitek Factory FFVI

Rated 4 / 5 stars

damn you

I always wanted to cover this song because it's so original and catchy. Damn you for beating me to it, and you did a good job too.

Your drums/voices could have been more original/creative, but they do sound pleasing none the less. Also, The lack of the trippy noise sound and the short raw synth part that accompanies it takes away from the unique factory/sci-fi vibe of the original.

8/10, -1 for lacking innovation, -1 for not quite living up to the original

rock on, keep em coming.

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Rucklo - In Holes Rucklo - In Holes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Top quality. Write a fully CD of this stuff with a few technical instrumental songs and a bit better mixing and your good to go.

I actually thought this was real instruments at first, before I listened closely. The vocals are top notch, especially the second ones that come in, though those second vocals could have used a bit better mixing imo.

The electric guitar was good. I could it tell it was fake when I listened for it but it was spars and unprominent in this track so it was ok, though I would suggest having a pro guitarist lay down some tracks for u if u do a composition like this again. Actually that goes for all tracks, but of course you must work with what you have available.

Could use a bit better bass sound.

Finally, nice job with the piano. Nice melodies and it sounded damn natural in this track even though I can't think of much (any) black metal that features piano (not that I know a great deal of black metal).

Oh, and il be really embarrassed if it turns out you did use real instruments :)

GJ dude.

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Rucklo responds:

The ONLY thing (apart from the vocals:) that is recorded is the guitar, that I recorded directly into my soundcard. So, the lol's on you, buddy! :D
Please note that this song is very old, and were I to make a metal-song now, well, it still would sound like shit I'm sure, but at least I've picked up a few recording and mixing-techniques and whatnot. I'm most likley as crappy guitarplayer now that I was then though, some things haven't changed haha.

Thanks alot for the indepth review dude! :)

Stomped Cotton Stomped Cotton

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Rock on

Was the name inspired by the response this song got when you asked a question about it in the forum? you made this with ejay didn't you?

As a composer I don't have a problem with you submitting something made entirely from loops, but the others are right when they say you need to learn how to compose from scratch. Its always cool to see the younger generations learning music because music is a true gift to all mankind, And thats the real reason why you need to learn to make music for real, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Learning to use fruity loops or similar programs is great but it can be hard and its not necessary. I personally suggest that you go pick up a cheap midi piano and learn to play some scales, then buy a guitar and learn some chords. If you do that the fun will never end and you will be in a better position to learn programs like FL.

Good luck and rock on brotha!

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066pop responds:

Yea the name was sort of inspired by that debate... Actualy I take the name from some of the sounds and stick them together (- 'Stomper' [The Bass] + 'Cotton' [Some Drums] = 'Stomped Cotton').

Thanks for not just making a big fussd about that I made it in eJay. I will probably get some keyboard of something. The only other tool than ejay was a sound editing thing... a simple Nero one I think... Just to add an effect in. Its my B-Day soon so I will take my money and buy some propper tools. =)


Chrono Trigger-Magus' Theme Chrono Trigger-Magus' Theme

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Nice

I like your rendition.

Unlike what another user commented, I though the rapid fire strings at the end where nice, though you could have alternated with more melodic sections because they did get a little repetitious. Also, Perhaps at some parts (not the rapid fire parts) you could try doubling the strings an octave or few lower with some violas or cellos (for instance @ :16 when the melody comes in). It might not workout though, I'm not sure.

Anyways, Nice job. You represented this piece well and for that you have my respect because it's a very important one.

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HexMonkey responds:

Thank you very much for your comment and advice. I'll have to try it out.

Duet of the black mages [WIP] Duet of the black mages [WIP]

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I dig this man. I have to say the beginning up until about :50 is kind of a let down but after that it really takes off. The drum beat really adds momentum to the piece.

Don't let trivial things get in the way of making music.